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get cookin'

Healthy cooking is more than food selection. It is also how you prepare foods. Some cooking methods are better than others for cutting cholesterol, fat and calories while enhancing the nutritional value of your diet.

Rinse your vegetables and place them in your pan along with just the water that clings to them. Place pan on medium heat. Vapors will condense on the cover and collect in the scientifically engineered "water-well". When the cover is warm and spins freely (3-5 minutes) it is time to reduce to low heat. The cover will automatically be pulled into the water-well forming a "water-seal". This eliminates evaporation and bastes foods in their own natural juices. Foods are gently cooked retaining up to 50% more vitamins, nutrients and flavor.

get results

• foods cook in their natural juices

• eliminates hot spots

• cooks faster

• conserves energy

• retains vitamins and minerals

• preserves color and taste

• no cooking odors

• cooler kitchen

• less meat shrinkage

• meats stay juicy, tender, tasty


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