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handy hang-up feature - The handles are molded with a large eyelet that permits hanging from a pot rack. This feature saves cupboard space and adds a beautiful, gleaming decorative touch to your kitchen.

special cover/rim design - The covers and cut and polished rims are specially designed to form a natural "water-seal" with the shoulder of the pan when cooking on low heat. This is the secret of successfully cooking the minimum moisture way. This self-sealing feature helps to retain the food moisture with it's valuable minerals and delicious flavors.

easy to clean - The smooth, hard finish of surgical stainless steel is easy to keep new and shining. With proper use, ordinary washing will keep it immaculately clean. It rinses sparkling bright in seconds and stays beautiful. And it's dishwasher safe!

energy efficient - Cooking is done with economical low heat. Just like insulation in your house, this cookware saves a lot of money over the years on utility bills.

dome lids in two sizes - These lids combined with the outstanding heat conductivity of the pans allows you to stack your pans into energy-conserving combinations saving stove top space.

self storing lids - Simply invert the cover, next it in the proper pan and hang or stack in minimal cabinet space.

trivet action cover - Teh cover is designed to double as a hot plate. It provides a convenient way to cook and serve at the table all in the same unit.

heat resistant phenolic handles and knobs - Cool, comfortable, textured handles provide a firm, secure grip. Sockets are electronically welded, and won't turn, loosen or collect dirt. Internal brass fittings keep handles tight. Stainless steel flame guards, between handle and pan, protect all handles from direct heat and an insulating air spacer prevents handles from heating up on the stove top. Exquisitely styled cover knobs are designed for easy no slip grasp.

warp resistant bottoms - Special design of the bottom of each pan provides extra strength and rigidity that prevents warping. The pans stay flat and hug the burner for maximum heating efficiency during the cooking process. All pans are oven safe to 400 degrees.

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