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In ten years time most people:

• spend about 3,650 hours

(based on 1 hour/day)

• prepare as many as 5,000

meals (based on 10 meals/


• spend approximately

$78,000.00 for food

based on $150.00/wk).

Isn't your selection of cooking equipment an important one? We think so!

Our cookware at Associated Consultants is the ultimate gourmet system of food preparation to maintain maximum nutrition by utilizing the most advanced engineering and technology. The construction of thick surgical stainless steel with an aluminum/aluminum alloy core provides you with the ability to cook more efficiently and with much healthier results. Because of the rapid heat conduction from bottom to side you can bake and roast on your stove top using low heat saving up to twelve times more energy.

Healthy cooking is more than food selection. It is also how you prepare foods. Some cooking methods are better than others for cutting cholesterol, fat and calories while enhancing the nutritional value of your diet.

Not sold in stores.

Made in the USA!

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